Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Jerk With a Porche

I can hear my sister, mom, cousin, and grandma watching the box set of Gilmore Girls season six downstairs, and Jess was talking about Logan ("You're dating that jerk? He has a Porche!!" Is that how you spell that??) so then yeah.

Interesting discovery on the way here: one of the road stop places had jones soda. Even more interesting discovery: the beer store has TONS of jones, i'm assuming it even has *drumroll* CHERRY. That's so w00t. So i may be forced to spend all of my money in twice my weight in (full, of course) glass soda bottles. Actually, i got that disgusting holiday set for christmas. Bread Roll Soda, Pea Soup Soda, Sweet Potatoe Soda, Turkey and Gravy Soda, and Antacid-Flavored Soda, in that order. It's absoloutley the most disgusting thing i've ever tasted and i love it for that. Though under no circumstances am i going to go and drink any more of that stuff. In a word: ew.

And now a parting note:

Ali: *in strange voice* I went to Idaho State College, of course! (i know this sounds strange but seriously there's a whole story behind it.)

Will: Yeah! Ohio STATE!!

Ali: No, Idaho. Idaho. I-DA-HO.

Emma: Oh, Ali, don't say that about yourself.

...think about it for a sec.

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Molly Wobbles said...

Sweet Potato soda?