Sunday, December 03, 2006

Those Stupid Soccer Parties

My brother's team won the championship on Saturday. That was nice.

Then we held the party at our house. Not so nice.

First of all, me and my mom and my sister ran off and got 10 pizzas.

10 pizzas.

Then we took them home and helped to devour them all. Only the little kid who grabbed my butt last time I saw him was there (as was his brother who saw him doing that and tried to grab my SISTER'S butt). This time, he tried to grab something else.

Little pervs.

So I just stayed in my room and read until they all left, the butt-grabbing boys and their older brother who Will is friends with took Will with them, and my parents left to get a stereo and some Christmas lights. So me and Emma just sat there watching Gilmore Girls. I was wearing these slipper socks that made it really easy to slide around, so i would periodically slide into the living room and talk to Shermy. Then I told him that I hadnt hit anything yet. The next time I slid in, I slid a little too enthusiastically and hit the wall behind the computer.

Thentoday we went to church for the first time since June. I can't remember anything about it because i zoned out. Then we went and bought a christmas tree it's prettyful and we had no fiascos like we did last year (my dad bought one and it was really wimpy and sad-looking and dead-ish and then we got another one but me and emma and will felt bad for the other small tree so we moved it outside into our treehouse and it took forever and then we decorated it with beads and string and some squirrels came and tried to attack it and i stuck a Barbie head on the top instead of like a star or whatever and then it snowed and the water that we put it in froze but somehow it wasnt dead and then it was there until like February). Yeah, and then I bought this totatlly freaky looking Barbie ornement thing as a joke and it's like *plays jaws music*.

Yeah so yeah. I must go watch the porcupines dance. don't ask.

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Sam said...

soccer parties are annoying.