Sunday, December 10, 2006

Princess Di

I was reading a report thing about princess diana's death and all of these inquisitions that it was a conspiracy, which are only happening because no one wants this really great political figure to be brought down by something as ordinary as a car crash.

And then i remembered something. I remember the day that she died, even though i was only five. This is from when i was talking to Genna:

Me: it's so strange...i only remember really great things or things that seemed good but were really bad or bad things
Genna: hmmm ok
genna: haha
Me: it's so strange. i'm not being emo here, i'm seriously wondering
genna: haha
Me: like i remember, from when i was five, the day princess di died
genna: ok
genna: really?
genna: i don't even think i knew who she was
Me: my parents told me
genna: ooo
Me: they wanted me to be a moral republican supergenius
Me: i wonder what happened to me
Me lol
genna: haha

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