Monday, September 11, 2006

Ali's SuperCool 100th post Celebration!!!

That's right people, 100 posts. I feel like i should make a speech...

Four score and twenty posts ago, the founder of this blog (me) introduced "C'est Moi" to the public.

Actually, it's more like unsespectingly launched on the poor, innocent public, but whatever.

This blog was mostly about me being emo and cursing out the Template dealio when i would change my layout (AGAIN) and it would delete my links. No matter how many times i changed my layout, I would always manage to do that. Even though the stuff i was doing wasnt as interesting as it could have been (if the gilmore girls marathons, obsessions over Jones Soda, and endless talk of Canada and Sasquatches over the summer was any indication), you guys actually read my blog. Of course, it's not like i'm sam and tim, who routinely get 5 bajillion comments (probably because sam is rarely emo and tim never is), but still. It ROCKS, being able to get heard without having to scream in someone's ear (*cough*middle school *cough*).

I think that I have probably used enough parenthases to last a lifetime, and had more names than most blogs ever did. C'est Moi, Randomesque, Total Violation of Logic, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Geek, Rhapsody in Pink, Rhapsody in PURPLE (after i dyed my hair) and I <3 Cherry Soda, in that order.

So, to ende this great (not) speech, let's all scream at the same time: "HERE'S TO 100 MORE POSTS, AND THAT ALI GETS THE ROLL IN THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGENT EVER THAT SHE WANTS!!"

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