Sunday, September 03, 2006


Sri just sent me pictures of dead baby seals. Why? i don't know. Did i delete it immediatley after seeing baby seals ripped apart? YES! so sorry that i didnt do the petition or w/e, I. HATE. BLOOD.

I went to the mall once yesterday and once today. I got a shirt, shoes, an umbrella and a jawbreaker yesterday and a cute t-shirt, earrings, a couple of pairs of jeans and Big Leauge Chew (i LOVE that stuff) today.

Then my sister and i made up alternative lyrics to fergie's (quite sucky) song "London Bridge." Sample lyric: "How come every time you come around/ i punch you in the face and you go down".

Well, my brother calls upon me to make a quiz for him. To the randomness!

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Molly Wobbles said...

zomfg I can't sleeeeeeeeeeeeep...