Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blog Story, P5

Okay, i KNOW this is short, but this week was insane. i'll be better next time! *hangs head in shame*


By the next day, i was tired of avoiding Eric. Actually, i didnt even remember why i had been avoiding him in the first place. He was going to find me somehow, like he always managed to do when i was mad at him. So i decided to make it my descision to forgive him, since apparently i am five.

I walked up to him at lunch and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and jumped when he saw me. "Miley! Hi!" he said in the overfriendly way that's a huge, blinking, pink-and-yellow neon warning sign that he's going to apologize in five seconds or less.

"I'm done being a bitch now."

"Oh, no, you weren't--"

"It's not like there's anything we can do about it, right?" I cut him off. He gave me a weird look and said, "Yeah, i guess." It's not like this was that odd. i'm usually the one who blows off the big-deal apology, because it's just too much thinking. And with rehersal today and having to stare at him for two hours straight? Ew.

"So...we should probably, you"

"That would be good." We walked over to the table in time for me to get hit in the head with a Tater Tot. "What the--"

"GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!" The football players screamed, pounding their fists on the table. I was pretty much ready to kill them, but i didnt out of respect for Eric. They couldnt hit me back, so they'd probably hit him. And kill him. And then i wouldnt have anyone to eat lunch with.

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Molly Wobbles said...

hahaha... I broke a few rules myself XD