Thursday, September 07, 2006

Beleted Bdays Rock...

MY SOCKS!!! Haha spiffy is a cool word. Like the ever-spiffy Fanglyman cloud on my shirt. He's the cutest!!! of course, i love the smiley clouds and the smiley sun, too. they're all my babies. But the Fanglyman is just SO CUTE!!

But to the beleted bday part: my aunt sent me presents! YAAAAAY! i got some lip glosses and some books and a superspiffy Wicked t-shirt that she got in nyc. it says "Defy Gravity" with a green e cuz elphaba's my favorite. Ooh! and official "Elphaba Earrings" *Struts around in spiffy offical-ness* And my locker is opening!!!!! YES! it is no longer misunderstood. And i'm sharing my band locker with 4 PEOPLE ZOMG and i got the DINKLES i.e. marching band shoes for those of you in the know. i havent tried them on yet but my mom just did and she yelled "These are so comfortable! I'll take these Dinkles!!" And i laughed.

Yesterday i told hans that i loved his baton and it was spiffy and he thought i was serious. Then he threw it like 10 ft in the air and caught it. One of those days that baton WILL fall on his head. And i will be there. And i will laugh.

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ehhehe fangy cloud!!! ^_^