Monday, September 04, 2006

The Most Memorable Moments of Summer

  • Spending hours in the guest cabin on Jamie's island, playing endless tournements of Mario Tennis and drinking soda (it reeeked of creme and grape soda in there).
  • "I'm a Canadian! I'm a Canadian!"
  • Bonfires
  • Will's new catchphrases: Sasquatch/BAFFOON/BACHwheat/Batman/Canadian/You stanky!!
  • Corning Glass Factory
  • My first bottle of Jones
  • IMing people for like 3 hrs straight
  • Brad&Tyler's
  • Rita's custards
  • Emma's insane b-day par-tay (ouija!! ZOMG)
  • Numa Numa
  • "I don't like you!" "I DON'T LIKE YOU EITHER!!"
  • The lip sync
  • The murder mystery
  • Steve the Captain of the Football Team
  • Talking in questions
  • "Oh woe is us! Oh woe is us!"
  • "I'm not talking to this reject." "I'm not talking to THIS reject." "Oh yeah?!?" "YEAH!"
  • Theatre camp in general
  • Dying my hair purple, then having everyone think it was red, then have it completley fade out over the course of Band Camp
  • The flute-ish pizza party, but with julie and sam and carissa and katie c. and people who weren't flutes at all
  • The much more organized flute DINNER
  • Band crushes
  • Getting a phone
  • MY BDAY!!!
  • Obsessivley texting kim and then getting molly into it (HAH).
  • Everyone having Sexyback for their ringtone and me dying because of that.
  • Putting rhinestones on my Razer
  • Not going to the Phillies game and watching 7th Heven over the fone with emily and then kim.
  • Going up to WVcabin with Grace and Maeve...good times, good times.
  • The American Idol concert, and being tricked into thinking we werent
  • Buying tons of songs for my IPOD haHA
  • Blogging, blogging...
  • Doing nothing for weeks on a time
  • Gilmore Girls marathons!
  • Will sleeping in my room almost every night and us flipping out at each other
  • "Sam! Jeff! No PDA!"
  • Crash Bandicoot and the ghosts.
  • Watching tons of music videosw/emma and will, and mocking almost every one besides the wonderful OK Go treadmills!
  • Making up alternative lyrics to Hillary Duff songs
  • Throwing water balloons off the steps, and then making them huge and throwing them straight up in the air. Haha.
  • Sleeping in the basement with Zoe and Emma, then sleeping in Ben's room and freaking emma out with a swivel chair
  • obsessivley changing my blog's name/layout
  • Caffine!
  • The rope swing

And's over....*cries*


Carissa said...

goodbyes summer.

Sam said...
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