Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Top 25!! OOHHH What NOW?!?!?!

I have decided that i'm going to try to go in a new-ish direction, now that i've had 100 posts worth of emo. A mid-blog crisis, if you will.

So tomorrow i'm swallowing my fear that everything i write is complete and utter crap, and i'm putting a story up on here. today, i have nada to say, so i'm just going to post a list i made a WHILE ago.

Top 25 Ways to Go Crazy or Just Be Really Annoying:
By A to the L to the I

1.Search "the" on Google. And laugh as about 24,070,000,000 responses come up, the first one being "The onion"
2.Watch Zoolander every single day at least twice a day for a week or more.
3.Go around and tell people that they look like Ben Affleck. Laugh at the amount of people who believe you.
4.Look up Chester A. Arthur online, find a picture of him, print it out, and say, “He’s a hottie. I wanna marry him,” to everyone who walks by.
5.Dance like Kim.
6.Imitate the guy at the beginning of “Gold Digger”. Have someone who can’t rap at all be Kanye West.
7.If you have a guy and girl friend who hate/have no romantic interest in each other who are standing near each other, yell, “You’re going out?!?!?” really, REALLY loud.
8.Open up a cafeteria mini-tub of butter and tell a friend that it smells funny. Once they lean down, smush their nose in it.
9. If a girl friend runs up to you in a crowded hallway and says, “I have to tell you something,” yell, “YOU’RE PREGNANT???”
10 If somebody says a word that’s in a song, sing the song starting with that word.
11. Imitate Inigo Montoya saying, “HELLO!!”
12.Eat Poppin’ Chocolate Coins from the Lunchables snack packs.
13.Get so hyper off Chocolate Coins that a teacher refers you to the guidence councelor because she thinks that you’re high.
14.When the person in the grocery store asks you “Paper or plastic?” say, “Plastic. No, wait, paper. No, wait, plastic. No, wait, paper…I mean…plastic. I mean…could I have paper wrapped in plastic?”
15. Look for exact change.
16.Call up a pizza place and ask for the place next door. Keep calling. Then when they give you the number of the place next door, say, “Oh, this IS the pizza place? I wanted a [whatever the store next door sells] with double cheese, please.”
17.Eat Pop Rocks and drink soda.
18. tYp3 L1k3 tl-l1S.
19. Pretend to be a computer.
20. Say, “I’m sorry, I don’t speak English. Just American.”
21. When your substitute asks, “Any questions?” raise your hand and ask very sweetly, “Where do babies come from?”
22. Yell, “PRETTY BIRD” whenever anyone says anything to you all day.
23. Type in white font.
24. Buy a dance ticket, then blow your nose in it and say, “wow, that was the best $3 Kleenex ever! Thanks!”
25. Write a list like this one.


Sam said...

this is hilarious!

Elizabeth said...


that's great!!!

yay Zoolander and Princess Bride (which are like the best movies ever!!)