Saturday, September 09, 2006

Football Games, Chain Letters, And One Very Excellent Cup of Apple Juice

So i went and marched in the marching band thingy. It was fun, besides the fact that my suspenders (yes, we have to wear those) fell off at the end. But whatevs. The flutes were all, DANCE!

Then i wake up this morning, and i have this LOVELY chain letter sitting in my mailbox about how much God hates me or something, entitled "From Satan". That made me mad, but it scared me so i sent it on. And now i'm like GRRR! Because i'm not a bad person, just a kid. And those letters are stupid. And obviously made up by someone who has a holier-than-thou (no pun intended) attitude. Well, whoever made that up should REALLY go to hell. Whatever.

Apple juice with lemon-lime seltzer in it is really super good. Just had to add that there.

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Elizzy said...


i didn't see you yesterday at the game!! grr hehe u guys have feathers on ur hats! they're funny

oo, and orange juice with raspberry-lime seltzer or with cherry seltzer is really good! that's about all i drink now, haha
(i'm not a fan of milk)