Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blog Story, P3

I saw guys and dolls on sunday, and it was SO FUNNY i heart it...and the jazz hands. Lol. The girl who played Adelaide (i think her name was Maeve??) was SO good. And so were Angie and Jeff S. and Sam. Jazz hands....lolz.

Also, i'm having a very, VERY hard time naming my characters, considering that it's not like i can name them after my friends cuz hello you're reading it and everything, and i don't want to use names i had in my other story. If you have suggestions, please for the love of my sanity tell me some.

So now that that's out there...STORYTIME!!!


I was sitting there in the auditorium like a total idiot, wondering why I was even there. Well, i knew why i was there. The main reason was pretty much Eric-shaped. But I'll get to that later.

Rewind to about three hours ago. I was wasting time between classes when someone walked by and shoved a flyer in my hand. It said WICKED in big letters with tryout times underneath.

Wicked? The music teachers were seriously attempting Wicked this year? The best musical in the world (in my opinion anyways) and they were going to RUIN it. No, they were going to KILL it. It was going to die right there on that stage, where girls in too-tight dresses attempted to sing high notes and the guys were incapable of saying two coherent words in a row. Seriously. That's how bad our musicals are. The marching band? Pretty good. The orchestra? Great. The chorus? They won an award. But the musical had always fallen behind.

Which is why I screamed, "Are you INSANE?" when Eric told me that he was going to try out this year.

"I thought you liked this one. You hated Sweeny Todd, you couldnt stand The Music Man, and you laughed at the hairstyles the entire time when they played Grease on TV. But you actually LIKE this one, right?" He frowned at me.

"I like it, sure, but our school? Come on."

"What? You like it; come try out with me."

"WHAT???" It's official, I thought. Eric has Lost. His. Mind.

"You can sing alright, and you're constantly talking about how much you want to be Elphaba someday, right?"

"Right, but--"

"And you could just try out, even if it totally sucks, right?"

"Maybe, but--"

"Okay, well, you're coming."

And I did it, because i am a pushover and a doormat and all other bad things, and now i was getting my payback in the form of having to listen to this girl sing. Seriously, I didnt know who she was, but she didnt have any singing voice whatsoever. Not that i'm that much better, but geez...someone should have told her before she tried to hit the high F.

"Uh, okay, thank you," Mr. Phillips said. "Next up is....Milly Herdman?" Ew. I hate it when people say my name like that.

"I'm here," I said, climbing on the stage. The entire time, i wasnt really focusing. It wasnt like i was going to get in anyways. Most of my time was occupied by trying not to trip over myself and giving Eric my best Look Of Death. He asked me to act out a scene for him with Eric as the wizard, and i did. Mostly, i just acted like i thought Eric was the most annoying human being ever invented (which wasnt too hard at the moment, let me tell you), and he acted, well, like Eric. Whatever. Then i had to sing "Defying Gravity." I'm okay, i guess, considering how many times i've had it stuck in my head, and nobody ran out of the room with their hands clamped over their ears screaming "Dear God make it stop." So that was a success, i guess.

The rest of the time was boring. I watched Eric sing "A Sentimental Man", and then we laughed at all the blondes who came to try out for Glinda/Galinda. Never really got that, by the way. After the last screechy-voiced boy left the stage, Mr. Phillips dismissed us all, saying that callbacks would be posted after lunch.

I walked up to the door of the music room half an hour later. There were people everywhere, the kind of people who live for the show, who were shrieking and biting their nails. Eric got a callback (no surprise), i saw as scanned the list. Grayson, Hanna, Herdman...wait, what??

I have to admit, i was kind of surprised that i got a callback. It's not like i'm one of those people who would die if they didnt have Mr. Phillips deciding that they were fit for one of his sucky productions. I would have most likely turned around, laughed, told Eric that i was right, and walked away. We had been given this huge speech about commitment to the production and the long honorable tradition of theatre (I'll admit it: I laughed hard at that one) and about how if we didnt give all of our time we would be kicked out, blah, blah, blah, until i was practically snoring.

The next auditions were after school. I acted, Mr. Phillips looked down his nose at all of us. No different than the last time, except for one thing. I kept having to read for elphaba and he kept having to read for fiyero. After the whole thing was over, i was ready to go home. Mr. Phillips kept yelling at us for every little thing. It's not like i had volunteered for this. Well, technically i had, but really Eric had volunteered me so that didnt count.

Mr. Phillips stepped up on the stage and started reading the names of the people who had made it in. Madame Morrible, Nessa, Doctor Dillamond...I wonder what was for dinner....The Wizard, Glinda...

"Fiyero: Eric Perterson." Well, good for him. that just left--

"Elphaba: Miley Herdman."

WHAT? That was cool...until i remembered who was Fiyero. Eric and i stared at each other in horror.

That figures.


nerdjedi said...


Sweeney Todd rocks, as does The Music Man.

But Wicked is not the best musical ever. It's okay, but not that great. I think it's kind of overrated.

But that's just me.

Molly Wobbles said...

Fiyeeeeeero! lol

something has changed within me, somthing is not the same I through with playing by the rules of someone else's game too late for second guessing too late to go back to sleep its time to trust my insticts close my eyes and leap... etc... all that from memory hellz yeah lol

Sam said...

pretty good.

so far.

hope you write some more.

Elizabeth said...

ya, write some more...

i can tell you some names..haha i have lots of those up my sleeves