Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Best Converses Ever


I found these converses that you can make online they sooo rock my socks anyways i need you to tell me which ones you like better k??




And 4.

i'm getting none of them. The ones that i AM getting are off-white and pink, v. cute.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Moo Cow

they had soda at the Moo Cow place.

Changed my layout. Also, my brother threw a torpedo on himself, caught on fire, and blew up. And apparently he threw a moo cow. He says that they "a-slpode". Not really. And he says that you have to start using your siiiiiideburns. Entertaining.

So band camp flooded today. Yeah. And then we had to go in the calfeteria. Then Matt came up to me and randomly put a hat on my head. Only it went over my eyes so i didnt know it was him until i was waving it around like "who put this on me?" and he came up to me and just took it. No words. At all. Gah. Then we had the flute dinner. Much fun, it was.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

National Emo Day

Today is National Emo Day. Balloons will be handed out, Fall Out Boy songs will be played all day long, flags will be flown at half-mast, razors will be 75% off. The president will attempt to pass a bill banning good attitudes and making it National Emo Year.

Just kidding.

Can you tell that I'm in a little bit of a bad mood? During summers, i love weekdays and hate hate HATE weekends. Especially ones like this, where it's not rainy but really dark all day, all undecided. It's a little like my mood, when you think about it. Really dark but not ready to open up and let myself cry, not even sure if i want to cry at all. It's giving me a little headache, and i havent talked to my friends all day. It's giving me time to think, and that is really, really dangerous, becuase i let myself get carried away and sometimes i sit there for an hours and just imagine what should/ could/ would have happened.

So in an attempt to distract myself, i decided to go play hide and seek with my neighbors. i sucked at hiding, but i sucked even more at the whole seeking thing. Basically i would find the one person who had the brilliant idea of hiding in the treehouse (even tho i counted right THERE three feet away on the deck) and then let them find everyone else. then i stopped playing and by the time i was done justin was missing...after painting our driveway. yes, that's right, blue paint. Ugh.

Now i have to eat. Byeaz.


So. I ate dinner. Had an allergic reaction to some plums. I like plums, but they make me sneeze. And itch. Ate some good chicken. Had to choose an ice cream place. Me and will dominated, cuz we voted. My dad told will about some lawyer-y tactic about how will could have the power over the choosings. so then he sided with me and we're going to coldstones. Yay. Started to feel all floaty, so i took some Benadryl. I took two once and slept for a loooooong time. So this time i took one. Still feeling floaty.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Call Me When You're Sober

That's the title of a really great song...Evanescence if you're interested.

So band camp was better today. I had the best time eating pizza with Hillary, Sarah, Molly, Katie and Julie (is that her name???). Then sam came. Then sam left. Then we started talking about the pizza guy on the Sal's box. First i said "He's scary" and then someone said "No he's sexy" and then sarah said "He's hot and delicious" cuz it says "Hot and Delicious" under his face. Then sam came back and we were like, "Do you think he's hot and delicious?" and he was like "WHAT?!?!?" Then I tried to open the altoids box. It did like 193818972 flips in the air. Yeah. Don't ask.

So after lunch Matt came up to me and started talking, and i'm afraid i was really mean! i didnt mean to be, it's just that...oh my God it's just so AWKWARD cuz he knows and i know he knows and i think he knows i know he knows and now i feel like i should apologize or something....akkk. *throttles self* I might end up doing that and make a bigger fool of myself. I guess it was kinda brave of him to come up to me around my friends, tho. But i'm not brave. I'm a million miles and five steps away from brave. This whole situation is wrong with added bits of wrongness.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Band Camp: The Drama

Band Camp has been good b/c:
I get to see my friends
At least it's not early
I'm not just sitting around and eating all day

Band camp is BAD b/c:
It gives me time to think. Ya know during the loop when we're mindlessly marching. When we did 3 loops i started getting a little dizzy and thinking weird things like "Why can't we walk with one foot?" and "What makes that person's hair so poofy it's like MARS-SIZED (what?!?!?)" and "We should have seven fingers".
I have people grammatically correcting me/fast food cups
There is always someone yelling
I have daily unplesent/odd run-ins with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (no not lord voldemort, i just like how that sounds. He is the Artiste Formerly Known As A Certain Person).
I have almost 0 time to update/ look at other peep's blogs
Bob is seriously beginning to scare me. Like, more than he already did.
I have started having these seriously damaging trains of thought. Not like DAMAGING damaging but i kind of get all deep-ish which can easily segway into emo, and all of a sudden i thought: There are some times when you wish that you couldnt feel anything, and i have those a lot. But then there are those moments when you feel so top-of-the-world great that you wouldnt trade it in for anything. I know this because of a smile. A smile that i waited for for so long and then did everything i could to avoid. And when it happened, I shot up in the air...and then came crashing right back down and wanted to cry.

All this while surronded by tubas and insane drummers. Geez.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Want to Update...

but can't. every time i start someone looks over my shoulder. there are screaming kids (and adults) everywhere. i'm tired. grrr. my brother has a splinter. more details later.


so i'm in new york. i had to get up at 7:00 AM. BAD! ("bad alarm" "i forgot to turn it off" "what time is it?" "early" "hate early. kill early." srry it's from gilmore girls. but that's how i feel about the bad alarm.) I was up running around under a sprinkler and retreving plastic donuts for my cousins earlier than i was even AWAKE yesterday. Tis headache-ish. so...not much to report, execpt for this is the coolest computer ever. (one of those white apples with big screens and mozilla firefox.) so i'll blog tommorow. or later today.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Gilmore Girls!

So today i went to target. I got the new christina aguilara CD (Back To Basics; it's pretty good. I basically bought it because it's one of those landmark CDs, the kind that when people are all, "what was one of your first CDs?" and you don't wanna say "Dream Street and Aaron Carter" you can say this instead), Gilmore Girls season 5 (i actually havent seen every single one of these like omfg), and Black Cherry soda!! *pumps fist in air* So i'm having a partay with that. I have to leave for NY on Sunday *flings self on dagger and perishes* but at least i get to see my aunt and uncle and stuffs. oh! and my totally adorable cousins. (I really just hate the driving. and the fact that someone get's injured almost every time we go there.) They're all SO CUTE and under 6. Ryan isnt one yet. This is their joint bday partay. Ironically, it's on none of their bdays. Yay for that.

We're also watching my neighbor's rabbit and disgusting lizard. The rabbit is ADORABLE but i'm allergic to it. The lizard is ew. He eats his own skin and is totally overall GROSS *makes face at the lizard*. His name is Snowbell *dances around on ballet shoes and fairy costume*. That's either some cleverly placed irony or a case of fourth-grade-guy-stupid-itis. Ah well.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


that's how my brother pronnounces it. Quesadillas with an L, just b/c of the napolean dynamite movie. And let me just say that i will never again complain about a meal that my mom has cooked, because all i did was make a quesadiLLa, like heat it up for 30 seconds in a microwave (after my brother whined cuz i tried to help my mom (who is sick) and throw away the extra chicken nuggets when will was supposed to have them. he was like, "Why did you do that? Don't you know i EAT when i get home?" and huffing like i was his maid) and my brother poked it with his finger (there was a lot of cheese in the middle, not so much at the ends) and make an "ew" face and it made me so MAD that i wanted to pound his head in. but i have a bad temper. so i quietly considered how non-beneficial it would be to pound his head in, and how immature the phrase "pound his head in" is, and now i'm not even mad anymore. just devoid-feeling. kinda, "woah" but a little...out of it. now i'm a little frantic cuz of how sad that is and...nvm i'm getting worked up. gonna send kim a txt.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my b-day!!!!

this is the funnest ever! I got gilmore girls DVDs, a cool pillow that you can plug your iPod into and it plays your songs, a new iPod cover and rhinestones to put on it, clothes, gift certificates, CD's and A PINK RAZER!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEAH!

Oops gtg i'm going to ben, cameron and Zoe's house for lunch. it's their mom's bday too that means CAKE!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Post Do You Say 80 en Francais?

Well, it's 80. That should be special...somehow....ok ANYWAYS i have no black cherry soda. do you KNOW how dangerous that is!?!?!?!? i'm starting to do weird things like watch previews of every single britteney spears music video they have on iTunes or watch football on TV or sing along with the sexy back song!!! Then emma and i were watching music videos AGAIN and we were like SPAZZING. We kept saying "TOSS the SALAD???" and talking about how coldplay was magic and then emma started dancing and we had this whole conversation about how english guys don't have lips but i thought she said he had a LISP so i said, "well, he's english" and she said, "sooo english guys don't have lips???" then i took a shower and played some badmitton. We're having like these endless tournements, only punctuated by meals and five-minute breaks. I'm dead serious. Now Emma is going to go watch Jess and Rory make out on her gilmore girls dvd. she asked me which disc it was on. i said "the round one." she didnt get it. i'm sort of fearing for mankind at the moment, considering that we're now entertained by samuel l. jackson yelling about the "f***in' snakes on the f***in' plane" and Paris Hilton.

Can I change it? No, i can't. oh well. To Rory and Jess (who btw were going out in real life but BROKE UP!!!)!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sexy Back??

Not a very eventful morning. Listened to Justin Timberlake singing about his sexy back (WTF???) on tv. He was like doing all these James Bond moves (WTFx2???) and then he jumped out a window (WTFx3???) and onto a balcony and almost fell but didnt (darn!...i mean, thank goodness!). then i turned it off cuz it was getting way too stupid for me. Then Fergie's music video came on and it was like "Ugh..." She was doing THINGS to one of those English guards that never move. It was the stupidest thing since Justin's sexy back. Oh and get this: there's this show called "My Gym Partner's a Monkey." It's sooooo stupid, so my brother insists upon watching it all the time. Grr. I get the TV at 10, tho. Yay.

Friday, August 11, 2006


i totally got the est haircut EVER. it's all flippy at the ends and choppy and goes with le highlights. also my bangs are more of a swoopy thing and not totally grown out. no, it's not actual bangs. i learned my lesson there and never plan to do it again.

I'm a tad bit dreading the whole marching band camp thing, mostly because i suck at memorizing music and every flute is at least 2 yrs ahead of me, experience-wise (i started in the 6th grade instead of the fourth) and i'm not all too enthusiastic about standing outside in a parking lot in the superhot weather from 2 to 8. or actually being in marching band at all. i have a feeling that someone is going to be frowning at my hair, in which case i will grab a tuba and shove it over the person's head and get that kid with the long hair to play it really loud at the same time.


I'm thinking about it, and seriously, the summer is nearly gone. And as much as you guys have all been talking about being so bored, i love summer to the last minute. The hot weather, my birthday, visiting my cousins (they're a pain but an entertaining pain), not having to deal with the people. Maybe i'm sort of hiding a little, but it's like recharging. All year you have to worry about, "did i do that right? is he looking at me? what grades did i get? how much do i have to hate myself today?" In the summer it's like, "Ahhhh...what a releif." I can write, I can read, I'm free to do whatever i am. I can wear my white skirt in the grass and lay on the lawn without a single thought. And that's rare for me. It's not like i'm going to be sad to see my friends or anything, but it's gotten so weird. I was talking to an unnamed friend yesterday, and for some reason i pictured his/her face. And i completley recoiled. I was like, "Oh my God, who IS this person?? Am i seriously talking to [name here]???" Grrrr. Ah, well. i'll try not to think about it. And when it all ends, I'll cry a little and go back in again, looking for a little moment to keep me going until next summer. It's weird how it is. Some people decide to be totally great with school and can't WAIT for the summer to end. Other people only really live during the summer, when no one is there to judge.

Either way, summer's almost over. And my point is that i'm just pissed about that.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Story About A Nickle

I think i spelled that wrong. btw, The Notebook is still saddening moi. booo. so to distract me, i made a story about a nickel. Or tried to. I got through two sentances and then said, grr, this is stupid. and deleted it. then i wished that i had more than one bottle of Jones's Sugar-Free Black Cherry Soda left so i could have more. i actually shared with my brother. how odd is that? i'm gonna ask for a mixed case for my birthday. you can get them at the website. It's a 12-pack and you can get 12 flavors. it'll help the collection i'm making of the glass bottles that they come in. so far i have 2 bottles of "Naturals" (Bohemian Rhasberry and Orange&Lim. they both tasted like crap), 3 bottles of black cherry soda and 1 bottle of normal cherry soda. yay. and i got this stupid invite for some picnic thing for freshmen at stoga. anybody going, cuz i think my mom might make me.

au reviour from Aliville!


Oh. My. God. I just saw The Notebook, and i literally cannot stop crying. Which is weird cuz i usually don't cry during movies. Maybe like four. But in this one it's like *SOB*!!!! It's so so so sad! At the beginning there's this old guy and he's reading to this old lady with Alzheimers (sp.?) about these two peeps in the 1940's, this rich girl named Allie (well don't i feel special) and this not-rich guy named noah (not even going to try to read into this one). So Allie and Noah get set up on a date or something (i missed that part) and then they start going out and "then they were inseperable (sp.?)" as the movie said. But then they had to go to different places after the summer was over (she had to go to sarah lawrence and he was staying in the town) and they had a huge fight and Allie had to leave and Noah wrote her 365 letters and the mom hid them all. Then Noah became a soldier and when he got back he found out that he could buy this house-y/plantation thing that he and Allie had liked. Meanwhile she (Allie) became a nurse and met this dude who was a wounded soldier in a hospital who was a LOSER and his name was like two letters but whatever he was a total moron and then she was gonna marry him but while she was shopping for wedding dresses she saw a picture of noah in the paper and she remembered how she had told him that she wanted him to turn this old beat-down plantation into white house with blue shutters and a big porch and he DID so she goes to the house and finds out that (OMG) the mom took the letters and then she's like yaaaay kiss noah and then her mom comes and gives her the letters and she and noah have a huge fight and she goes back to the stupid fiance dude whose name i can't remember and talks to him for a while. But during that whole story it was like the old guy was reading to the old lady and you find out that (OMGx2) the old lady is Allie and that (OMGx3) the old guy is Noah. And then when younger Allie goes to meet the fiance buttface man, it goes back to the old guy and he says, "And they lived happily ever after" and the old lady says "WITH WHO...? Of course!!" and then it goes back to Allie and Noah and she runs back and decides to marry him. Then older Allie is all remembering stuff but then all of a sudden she forgets and starts FREAKING out and they have to like sedate her and then later old Noah has a heart attack and then he gets sort of better and he and Allie are both in the hospital and he sneaks into her room and Allie remembers and then they fall asleep and then the nurse comes into the room in the morning and (OMGx4) they're both DEAD. But soemhow that's happier if they had lived.

So that was LONG. Well, i'm gonna go do a googlewhack. That's when you search something on google and look for the Perfect 1, i.e. getting only one thing. It doesnt count posting aldhf;adshf;oaeihfoh (i.e. random letters) on your own blog and copy/ pasting. that's cheating. I got this from a book.

Btw, Moronic crudballs got only 3. googlewhack itself got 254,000. 356 noahs got 107,000. dang, purple glaciers got 958,000. Monkey diesel got 1,900,000. constantine's pantaloons got 14,900. GRRR! blubbery notebook got 533. My search for the perfect 1 continues.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Microsoft and My First Contest

To all of those BUGGING (can you just hear how much i want to use another word?) me about using Internet Explorer and i should get Mozilla and why don't i why don't i wah wah wah i have this to say:

some people are born with IE, some people become IE users, others have IE thrust upon them. I am of the third type, as my parents will not let me touch the computer in terms of doing anything that could potentially change it. Contrary to what many of you may think, i cannot just instal Mozilla, walk away, and have my dad come back to the ocmputer later and be totally fine with that. It would involve yelling. Not. Pretty. So in conclusion, THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO!!!

On another note, i don't know if i officially have enough readers to start a contest or anything, but i'm gonna try. As you can see, my blog name nowhere near matches the layout. so my contest is, someone try to make me a layout that pretty much matches my title, i.e. PURPLE. The winner will receive some prize at a later date, i.e. when it is not 7:30 in the morning and i can THINK of something, okay!?!??! Jeeez....also, special points to people who can tell me how to install it! Anonymous entries not accepted, sorry, but i've been getting weird comments from an anonymous person. so yesh. email me your entries!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Overflowing Brains

I have a lot of thoughts. Because of this, they tend to overflow from my brain and make me do something like cut up an old soccer jersey (and promptly forget all about it) or try to glue a cityscape made of magazine clippings on my wall (and forget all about it until my mom tells me to take it down) or write it all down in the form of a story (and forget all about it). The stories are always named some really weird stuff, like "Ryan Seacrest is Eating My Brain....And Other Common Problems of Being 14". I just started one called "Rhapsody in Pink", but i loove it so i'm naming my blog that now.

On a completely unrelated note, i went over to kim's house yesterday to show her my hair and ended up staying until 10 watching 10 Things I Hate About You. SUCH a good movie. And then the dude's like "What's a backer?" "Someone with money who's stupid." Hahaha...well i'm tired. bye.

Monday, August 07, 2006





I bet you didnt beleive me, all you peeps who i told i would do it. i bet you thought i was just being weird, didnt you? But no. Ohhh, no. I really did it.

I dyed my hair purple.

Well, strands of it, anyways. I just wanted to make your heart stop. Did it start up again? Yes? Good. It looks GREAT!!! I <3 it SOOOOOO much! it's just so...purpley (it is SO a word!!) and permanent, too.

BWHAHAHAH! okay, now i'm REALLY done with this. But see? You should always beleive your friendly neighborhood Ali when she says, "The next time you see me, my hair will be purple." She keeps her word, especially when they run out of red hair dye at the drugstore. Talking in third person is fun. Ali is amused. Ali is going to go eat maccaroni now. She giggles at your surprise. She also says that anyone who doesnt beleive her may request pictures and she will send them.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Can't Think of a Stupid Title!!!

Basically i went to the pool yesterday with ben, cameron and zoe and their cousins evan and tyler. random. Then i bought a song. from keane. or something. the music video for that is kewl. i talked to frances and it was saaaaaaaaad because she's going to taiiwan!!! noooo don't leave me here !!!*says the girl who went to canada, michigan, new york, washington dc and west virginia this summer*

but omg i'm supertired cuz i can't sleep anymore or something and that's just depressing. like if i do a single thing before i'm about to go to bed it's like KER-SPAZ!! like how i talked to frances and then i couldnt sleep cuz i was distracted. grr. then i read a book for a long time. then i fell asleep and got up at *shock* 7. 7 AM. ggggrrrrrrrrrrRrRRRrrrrR!!!

so...that's about it.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Uneventful Friday Nights ( And Some of the Day, Too.)

So we did the play. i dislike corina more than i did before because she accused me of skipping a part but really charlotte did and i told her that and then she ignored me and told everyone behind us in line that i messed up. She also got mascara on my face. I rubbed it off too hard and got a huge bruise on my eye. it's still there. Then i had pizza with my mom and dad. will and emma were at sleepovers. then i watched dateline with my mom and dad. when my dad left i watched "What Not to Wear". Good shows. Fefe's new CD is out. They don't have it on iTunes. Meanies.

So i'm too tired to post much now. I'll wait until my dad brings back cold stones ice cream. expect a sugar-filled rant here later.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Something That My Brother Said:

(Will is orange.) First, you must scream Sasquatch. No, write sasquatch. JUST SASQUATCH!! *tries to erase* You are a BAFOON. Listen up, BAFOON. Meet me in a dark alley and pay me a ransom of 200 dollars...CUZ I SAID SO.

(Emma is now pink)Hi PEOPLES WAZ UP !!!!!!! I have a message to s- unit (Me: sorry but she still remembers that. i have nada to do with this.) I'M NOT THE FREAK YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS THE STRAWBERRY MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FURTHERMORE YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO ALL MANKIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (dont take that personaly)<------(fine print!!)

So. Those were my insane siblings. Wait will has something to add.

I like piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie and i cannot lie what other brothers cant deny *laughs insanely* *for a long time* I LIKE PIIIIIIII-IIIIIII-IIIIII--EEE---IIIIIIIIIIE. OOOOOOH YEA-EEEE-AH!! BANG!!! *continues to scream* *stops screaming* *starts screaming* What? Pie. HAHAHAHA. *screams* BATMAN!! *starts singing about batman* *screams* *types randomly on keyboard* YAAAAAAH! *starts saying something like STUB-DA! STUB-DA!!* AOOOOOGAH!!! AOOOOOGAH! Okay, that's enough.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Little Bit of Something Five Times After Midnight

The title is what happened when a bunch of people (and me) all tried to think of a band name. The advice was just to keep writing and see what you could come up with. Finally we all yelled out some stuff and i wrote down what it sounded like. Sounds like the title of a Panic! At The Disco song. Or like we're doing witchcraft. LOL.

So i'm being a whiner in the play. It sucks. I saw Monster House. V. scary for a PG movie that i went to with my little brother. I'm gonna change the name of the blog agian. that's it.

Emma has to say something. Again she shall be typing in purple.

I ASOLUTELLLLLLLLLLLLLLY l-ANT! Oh no wait ali smushed it. She said she should use sam's Glock??????????????? wat i was going to say was I LUV STRAWBERRY MUSICALS AND LESS THAN THREE MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Why talk about my uneventful day when there's a whole section in comcast called "Strange News"? Here's some headlines for ya:

Bus Hits Ditch As Riders Photograph Moose

Robber Leaves Check Book in Bank

22-Month Old Baby Loves to Water Ski

82 Cats Seized From Smelly Calif. Home

Dead Thief Proven Not So Dead After All

Britons Arrested for Streaking in Greece

oh great, my dad and sibs are playing Sorry. My dad is trying to be gansta. Must go put a stop to high leval of weirdness in the living room before the windows implode or i start screaming. implode, isnt that a cool word?